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Wireless seismographs are versatile enough to be set up in any work environment. The technology utilizes cellular and satellite technology to send and retrieve information at anytime. 

Know that you are always in compliance withwireless seismographs. All vibration data is accessible, wirelessly, to any of your devices. Our seismographs are set to warn you via text and email before you exceed parameters.

HSI's monitoring technology can be set up anywhere, inside or outside. We monitor any infrastructure as well as Homes and Businesses. This technology is used to monitor construction such as, drilling and blasting, piling, excavation, rock hammering, any type of site work that needs constant monitoring. 

We save you money by automating the Vibration Monitoring Process. Know that when your activity is producing more vibration than is allowed, you will be notified within 3 minutes.

For wireless monitoring, HSI is the most cost effective company in this business. Our fees are always rolled into one price, our customers say we are very easy to work with.

HSI Monitoring can provide wireless seismographs throughout the United States.


Wireless Seismographs can be deployed with a Solar Powered Enclosure to ensure constant power in any environment.

Certified M/WBE & DBE Business

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