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 Linking Communities and Projects
The presence of HSI personnel on a work site is essential in making home and business owners feel at ease.

Crack Monitoring is performed can be performed on any surface. The monitoring of cracks is required when:

  • Where development work is taken place nearby, to check if damage is been caused to the property during Excavation and Construction.
  • A structural report has identified serious structural cracks due to subsidence or settlement.
  • An insurance company requests monitoring of cracks in a potential claim.
  • An owner of property requires checking of old cracks for peace of mind.

Cracks (usually masonry) are identified during the Pre-Construction Inspection. Each Crack is first measured with a Micrometer, the Gauge is then affixed to the crack and photographed.

The photographs are entered into a report. HSI performs periodic checks and updated reports are issued.


Professional crack monitoring services

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Crack Monitoring NY CT NJ PA NYC

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