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attended vibration monitoring

Why is Vibration Monitoring needed? 

At HSI, we provide professional on-site Vibration Monitoring. Attended Vibration Monitoring is sometimes required for Drilling and Blasting, Rock Hammering, Pile Driving, Excavation and other construction activities where vibration is produced. Vibration Monitoring Services are necessary to ensure regulatory compliance for protection of the surrounding structures.

What can HSI do?

It is required to access the neighborhood for possible impact from vibration. HSI monitors the closest structures as Vibration diminishes from its source. HSI also identifies potential causes of concern and will develop a Vibration Monitoring Plan.

What experience does HSI have?
Hartford Structural Inspections, LLC provides services to New York, NYC, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, PA, RI, and VT, HSI has years of Vibration Monitoring experience. For 20 years, our monitoring experience includes; office buildings, schools, residential homes, bridges, hospitals, hotels, highways, water towers. railroads, subway tunnels, and dams.

What is the advantage of Wireless Vibration Monitoring?

Wireless Vibration Monitoring provides real-time vibration data to your computer or wireless device including any Android or Apple device. An expert technician will set it up and ensure wireless connectivity. The seismograph is deployed and will provide continuous monitoring. This saves you money by automating the monitoring process.

Attended Vibration Monitoring NY CT NJ PA NYC

We can write a Vibration Monitoring Plan that will capture all activity from your job site and ensure compliance.

HSI can monitor any site large or small from private homes to airports.

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