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Founded in 1999.  HSI's goal is to protect contractors and the community homeowners during and after vibration related activities. These activities can include; drilling and blasting, rock hammering, excavation, sheet and pile driving, compaction and vibratory work, excavation, and revitalization projects. Our existing condition surveys can help rule out any causal relationship of damage between the construction site and adjacent properties. Seismic Monitoring provides timely feedback during rock removal and vibratory work to make certain that vibrations stay safe and are in compliance with city or state regulations. HSI provides Construction Monitoring Solutions in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and all of New England.

What We Do

HSI ensures our clients are in regulatory compliance and provide the Third Party you need for positive public relations.

     Providing Construction and Vibration Monitoring Solutions Since 1999

HSI offers has a solution for Remote Construction Site Monitoring in many different parameters