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In New York, New York City, Westchester, Rockland, The Hudson Valley, and Upstate New York.  HSI provides all Construction Monitoring and documentation services for all Contractors in the Construction and Excavating businesses.  If you are preparing for a new building, pipeline, utilities, or general construction work, we are there for you. We make sure you are protected by documenting the area and buildings whether it be before, during or after your work. We  measure vibration on short term or long term projects in person using wireless seismographs.

Pre Blast & Pre Construction Surveys in New York and New York City

For 20 years, we have been performing high definition video pre blast / pre construction surveys. By having all surfaces fully documented for pre existing conditions; if there is a claim of damage, all parties are protected. All surfaces are surveyed, a technician uses LED light to illuminate defects that are hidden in ambient light. All damages are highlighted using a laser pointer. Structural and cosmetic damages and defects and also described audibly by the video technician. We have extensive experience documenting private homes and apartments, and commercial buildings of all sizes. We have surveyed Dams, utilities, fields, parking lots, haul routes, and other various structures adjacent to work sites. CRACK GAUGES can also be installed and to be checked regularly.

Vibration Monitoring Services, Sound, Crack, Dust and Optical Settlement Monitoring in New York

HSI performs all
Vibration Monitoring that is produced from blasting, construction, pile driving and all vibratory work sources.  Timely feedback to contractors mitigates the possibility of creating vibrations high enough to cause damage to neighboring structures. We can also monitor utility lines and pipelines. We utilize Seismographs by Instantel, Geosonics and Nomis. We offer Attended or Wireless (Remote) Monitoring which is now growing to reduce costs and to maintain 24 hour monitoring and reporting. HSI deploys dozens of remote seismographs in long term and short term projects. To meet your needs, these units can be mounted inside any structure or outside with a Solar Panel. Sound Monitoring is also performed on site attended or remotely. 

Other Services


HSI performs many other technical services to meet your needs. Please submit your specifications and we will promptly review. Whether you need a Vibration Plan, a review of your Blast Plan, we can provide our expertise to meet regulatory compliance.


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