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Optical Monitoring NY CT NJ PA NYC
Optical Monitoring NY CT NJ PA NYC

horizontal and vertical settlement surveys

Chapter 33  of the New York City Building Code requires Settlement Monitoring during the course of excavation work. Buildings are to be monitored that are within a distance that is equal to or less than the maximum depth of the excavation and historic structures that are within a distance of 90 feet (TPPN 10/88). 

​​Here at HSI, we provide comprehensive data reports to track any structural movement (horizontal, vertical). We monitor at sites that require ongoing construction activities (underpinning, excavation or demolition). Our Licensed Land Surveyors will install surveying targets (SMP's) at specific locations on neighboring structures surrounding your construction site. Settlement Monitoring has been performed on sensitive structures such as buildings, bridges, abutments, railroad tracks, tunnels, and culverts. Along with Benchmarks, Optical Settlement Monitoring detects the slightest movements.

HSI installs and reads settlement for your applications such as:

                                          Settlement Monitoring Points (SMP's)

                                          Deformation Monitoring Points (DMP's)

                                          Utility Monitoring Points (UMP's)

                                          Excavation Support Points (USMP's) - for the monitoring of piles, support systems

Data from the surveying equipment goes through a software program that creates a baseline report of the position(s) of the targets. Our high tech equipment reads any vertical and horizontal settlement from fixed monitoring points.  These readings are recorded for a comparative certified report. Follow up visits determine if the targets have moved which provide the necessary data to determine whether to continue work or make changes to the plan
.  Optical Monitoring Survey services are provided on a bi-weekly, weekly, or daily basis.

ATMS (Automated Motorized Total Stations) are provided for continuous wireless monitoring.


HSI is the most accurate and cost-effective company in this business. Please call for help with this important process. 

​Horizontal and Vertical Movement Surveys are required by the DOB in Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island.


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