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At HSI Monitoring, we perform Sound and Noise Monitoring Services to satisfy the demands of your specifications and local authority departments. HSI can perform a Noise Assessment and also ongoing WIRELESS NOISE MONITORING.

We deploy sound level meters to measure and analyze noise levels emitted from your jobsite.

We perform Long and Short Term Noise Analysis Surveys. A technician can visit your site immediately to address any Noise Complaints. 

Fully automated Wireless Sound Monitors will ensure your compliance. Our Sound Meters will send email and text messages to alert your staff if there is a threat of an exceedance of project or local limits.

Our Wireless machines also send you a Summary Report every 24-hours. These reports are essential to show that you are in compliance with the site specific and local codes.

Sound and Noise Monitoring Plan

 Noise during site work can cause complaints from local residents. Many jobs require a Sound Monitoring Plan. HSI Monitoring will provide a written plan to prescribe noise monitoring equipment to meet code. This plan will ensure that the Sound Monitoring prevents a Stop Work Order on your job site.

Please call for more information on Noise Monitoring for:

Construction Projects                           Demolition Projects

Heavy Equipment                                 Pile Driving

Drilling and Blasting                             Jobsite Specifications

In New York City, Local Law 113 helps control noise levels from construction sites and requires sound monitoring to be conducted when located near a library, nursing home, school or hospital.

Sound and Noise Monitoring Services