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Solar-powered Seismographs can be set up where there is no available power source



 Linking Communities and Projects
The presence of HSI personnel on a work site is essential in making home and business owners feel at ease.

More than technicians, our employees work with the adjacent and surrounding property owners. We answer questions and explain the scope of work to neighbors surrounding a job. 


​​​​​​Whether a job calls for a permanent wifi monitoring station or a technician on site, our vibration and noise level monitoring programs are designed to meet the exact needs of a project. Vibration is safe as long as it stays within the safety standards. There are no cumulative effects of vibration, Seismic Monitoring (Vibration Monitoring), is the key to safe construction activities.

Professional Set Up

Our experienced technicians understand how and where to set up a seismograph to accurately record all ground vibrations. We utilize Seismographs by Nomis, Instantel, and Geosonics. All machines are fully downloadable for waveform analysis. All shot records are saved and provided digitally upon request.


Vibration Monitoring NY CT NJ PA NYC