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Thank you to our clients!

HSI ensures our clients are in regulatory compliance and provides the Third Party you need for positive public relations.

Documentation Protects Everyone 

All construction projects must adhere to specific requirements set by towns and cities in order to ensure that city planning benefits everyone. Having concrete data to demonstrate compliance with these regulations provides reassurance to all stakeholders involved in the construction and redevelopment of our communities.

Our Pre-Construction Surveys include detailed video and photographic documentation. We meticulously record the existing conditions to accurately determine if construction activities are responsible for any damage. We also maintain ongoing monitoring throughout the construction process to minimize the potential for damage.

Why We Are The Best 

For over two decades, we have proudly upheld our reputation as a trusted provider of precise analysis, adhering to the highest standards and utilizing proven scientific practices in the fields of construction monitoring and seismology.

Our high-definition video inspections conducted before blasting or construction, along with state-of-the-art vibration monitoring services, enable us to swiftly address damage claims. We expedite the process of getting your operations back on track and take care of the complex task of communicating with nearby stakeholders."

How HSI Can Help You

We offer guidance and support to contractors, homeowners, and business owners involved in both public and private projects that generate ground vibrations. You can count on us to furnish accurate data for activities such as drilling, blasting, excavation, site preparation, sheet and pile driving, construction, and construction project rehabilitation.

Our services include pre/post-construction surveys, vibration monitoring, sound monitoring, optical settlement monitoring, crack monitoring, sound (noise) monitoring, and well water testing. Additionally, we install and maintain wireless seismographs so you can monitor your job remotely using your computer or smartphone. 

Vibration Monitoring
Crack Monitoring




"For 20 years, HSI has focused on becoming the leader in Construction Monitoring Services. We are the ideal prospect for your monitoring and preconstruction needs, I am very proud of our team's commitment to accuracy and our ability to predict the needs of our clients.  Our professional certified team provides timely reporting and thorough documentation so you stay compliant and protected for years to come". 

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Optical Monitoring

One Call Does It All!

No project is too large or too small for HSI. We mobilize very quickly to satisfy all your monitoring needs. 

We provide all services required on your site as listed in your Specifications and Vibration Plan.

Our clients understand that HSI will provide all monitoring services, we will get it done through us and

our partners.

HSI does it's part to avoid a Stop Work Order, we are available to help at anytime.


​​​PRE blast / PRE Construction surveys and vibration monitoring Since 1999

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