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                                               MONITORING VIBRATION IS STANDARD FOR SAFETY


HSI has performed seismic monitoring at hundreds of worksites throughout New York, Connecticut, and Massachusettes. 
                                                      Linking Communities and Projects
The presence of HSI personnel on a work site is helps homeowners feel comfortable about the project. More than technicians, our employees are work with the surrounding building owners. We answer questions and explain the scope of project to neighbors surrounding a job. 

Seismic Monitoring

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Whether a job calls for a permanent wifi monitoring station or a technician on site, our vibration and noise level monitoring programs are designed to meet the exact needs of a project. Vibration is safe as long as it stays within the safety standards. There are no cumulative effects of vibration, Seismic Monitoring (Vibration Monitoring), is the key to safe construction activities.
Professional Set Up
Our experienced technicians have understand how and where to set up a seismograph to accurately record all ground vibrations. We use D&L Thomas Seimographs that are fully downloadable. All shot records are saved and provided digitally upon request.

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